When to keep your child at home

20th May 2014

Our schools provide opportunities not only for learning but also for the acquisition of infections! Most of these are minor and are respiratory in nature, with a few stomach and intestinal germs thrown in for good measure.

With parents struggling to balance work responsibilities with the prospect of keeping a child home from school, we thought some guidelines might be helpful. Schools and daycare centers may have individual policies on child illness, and these may be the guidelines that will most influence your decision on when to keep your child home. In addition, many schools and daycare centers will not dispense any medication to your child without your written permission.

The following is a list of symptoms that may mean an illness is contagious, or that your child should stay home:

  • A fever within 24 hours, or above 99.6 the morning of school.
  • Recurrent vomiting or loose stools within the previous 24 hours.
  • A cough that keeps your child awake, or one that would be disruptive in class.
  • A sore throat for 24 hours, especially with swollen glands or fever.
  • Rashes that resemble chickenpox (fluid-filled pimples of varying sizes), or open lesions that look red and sore or crusty.
  • A child who feels too ill or is too uncomfortable to learn.
  • Remember that it is perfectly appropriate to call our office (617) 361-1470 with any questions or concerns you may have about a child’s illness or to schedule an appointment. To help us better assist you with your inquiry, please be ready to report your child’s temperature, a list of all symptoms, and any treatments you have tried, noting the effect of each.

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