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ns1Welcome to Hyde Park Pediatrics, recognized by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) as one of the top pediatric practices in the region. Our entire team, from our doctors to our nurses to our care coordinators to our administrative staff, are highly accomplished and compassionate professionals who are firmly committed to our patients and their families. We all believe that caring for young people and keeping them healthy is fundamental to creating a happier and more vibrant society. We hope this information will answer many of your questions about our office and will prove helpful as we work together to serve your family’s healthcare needs. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for choosing us.


Our physicians are fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As faculty members of Harvard Medical School, they are involved in the teaching and training of medical students and pediatrics residents. Our Nurse Practitioners are certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and licensed by the Commonwealth. Our nurse practitioners work as a team with our pediatricians to provide quality, compassionate, convenient care. All of our patients choose one primary care physician within our practice. Yearly well visits are generally scheduled with the primary care pediatrician. In the first year of life you will have the opportunity to schedule some of the infant visits with our nurse practitioners so that you can get to know your entire health care team. Illness visits are generally scheduled with your primary care physician, though you will have the opportunity to schedule with a nurse practitioner in your care team if her availability is more convenient for you. When your primary care pediatrician is away from the office or unavailable, you will have the opportunity to choose to see a nurse practitioner from your care team, or one of the other pediatricians in the office. (1.1)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday 9:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 9:00 a.m.-12 noon. Limited routine visits are availabe on Saturday mornings. Urgent visits on weekends and holidays can be arranged by paging the provider between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Our phones are answered live by our receptionists–not an automated attendant–during our weekday business hours. Our nurses are available all day to answer any advice questions you have or to help you determine if and when your child should be seen in the office. Our nurses return calls promptly, usually within 15 minutes. If an issue is urgent a nurse will pick up your call immediately. If you would like to speak with your provider on a day that your provider is in the office, our receptionist will take a message and your provider will call you back by the end of the day. If your provider is not in the office, the receptionist will let you know when she will return and when you can expect a call back. (1.3, 1.7)

Refills can be requested on our website at any time or by calling our office during regular hours. Please allow 72 hours for prescription refills to be completed.

Please see our website at HYDEPARKPEDI.COM for more information about our office and staff, as well as information about illness management, medication dosages, suggested book lists, and useful web links. Our website is updated often with timely information, so check back regularly. Information about flu shot availability is kept current on the website and flu shot clinic appointments can be made directly on the website.

Well visits may be scheduled up to 6 months in advance. Well visits can be scheduled with your primary care physician or a nurse practitioner in your care team and are usually available within 4 weeks of your request for an appointment. Evening, after school, and Saturday well visits are in high demand and can require a few months advance planning.
Urgent visits are available daily until the office closes. We ask that you call as early in the day as possible when requesting a same day visit. Requests for nonurgent visits will be accomodated that day if appointments are available. If we do not have same day availability the request will be triaged by our nursing staff, and an appointment will be arranged at a time that is convenient for you and clinically appropriate.

We respect your time and work hard to see our patients on schedule. If a patient arrives late, it may inconvenience many patients who are scheduled later in the session. We ask that you arrive at the office for well visits at least 5 minutes early to complete paper work, so that the visit can begin on time. Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a visit may need to be rescheduled. A missed appointment is a loss for everyone. Patients who repeatedly miss their scheduled appointments will be asked to leave our practice.

For concerns that arise after hours or on weekends, our website (hydeparkpedi.com) is a useful resource for medical advice and medication dosages. If you have an urgent concern that is not adequately addressed on our website, please call our regular office number to reach the doctor or nurse on call. A physician from our practice is on call at all times to return your call or support the nurse who returns your call. Our answering service will take a message and page the on-call physician or nurse to return your call. During periods of very high volume, calls are prioritized by severity of symptoms. Calls are usually returned within 15 minutes, but on rare occasions, it could take up to an hour to receive a call back for a non-urgent issue. If your call has not been answered in a reasonable amount of time, please call back. Modern technology can falter from time to time, and occasionally, a call or page might get “lost.”
Please try to reserve after-hours calls for truly ill children or for concerns that cannot wait until regular office hours. We are charged fees for these calls and are not reimbursed for this service; accordingly, we hope you will limit after-hours calling to truly urgent needs only. If you believe your child may be critically ill and that it would be unsafe to wait at all prior to receiving medical advice or care, you should proceed directly to the nearest emergency room. (1.8)

If your child needs a specialty visit or diagnostic test, our care coordination team will assist you in obtaining a timely appointment with a provider or facility who we know and trust with your child’s care. Our primary affiliation is with Boston Children’s Hospital. Visits with Children’s Hospital physicians and diagnostic testing services are available at the main hospital campus and at many community hospitals in our area. If your insurance requires that you obtain a referral authorization, please provide us in advance with the specialist’s name, date of the first appointment, NPI number, and number of visits required.
Our practice follows the “Medical Home” model: we deliver care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.

We believe that, along with you, we know your child’s history and healthcare needs best.
Given your access to us by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we hope that you will restrict trips to emergency rooms for problems requiring immediate medical attention or true, life-threatening situations. (Examples include a child who is breathing with difficulty or who has stopped breathing, a bleeding wound that you cannot control, or an injury that has caused loss of consciousness, to name a few.)
If your child requires immediate medical attention or is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or proceed directly to the nearest emergency room. If you are concerned that your child might need emergency attention but believe that it is safe to wait for advice, please call us before proceeding to an emergency room. We will contact that facility to inform them of your child’s current problem and provide details of any pertinent medical history. Please let us know as soon as possible about any emergency-room care your child may have received so that we can obtain the emergency-room record and provide any necessary follow-up care.

About Us

Welcome to Hyde Park Pediatrics, recognized by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) as one of the top pediatric practices in the region. Our entire team, from our doctors to our nurses to our care coordinators to our administrative staff, are highly accomplished and compassionate professionals who are firmly committed to our patients and their families.

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