Sun Protection: Dangerous Effects of Sun Exposure and How to Prevent Them (Part 1)

4th Jun 2015

Part One: UNDERSTANDING SUNBURN Sunburn.  That painful, red, and occasionally blistering reaction of the skin in response to excessive sun exposure.  It’s a well-known, generally warm-weather phenomenon. In the US, 30 to 40 percent of adults and 70 to 85 percent of children and adolescents have reported at least one sunburn in the previous year.  But the significance of sunburn lies not simply in the acute discomfort it causes; more importantly, sunburn is a marker

Q & A: Sleeping in the parents bed

28th Jan 2015

Psychological Care Associates offers advice to parents who want to reassure their child while still having them sleep independently. Q: “My child is plenty old enough to be sleeping in her own bed, and used to, but ever since she watched a scary movie she insists on sleeping in our parental bed. We were understanding at first, but now we can’t get her out, or if we do, she only crawls back in our bed

Dealing with Disappointing College Acceptance Decisions

10th Dec 2014

With the college application process underway for many Seniors, the highs and excitement of the future is sometimes drowned by the lows of college rejections or comparisons with classmates and friends. Our partners at Psychological Care Associates offer advice for helping your child through the tough moments. Q: “My high school senior will be hearing from colleges soon. I fear how she’ll handle rejections and comparisons with her classmates. What can I do if/when this

Talking to Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

24th Nov 2014

Talking to Kids about Drugs and Alcohol Use   Hyde Park Pediatrics encourages parents to start discussing the risks of marijuana and alcohol with your children when they are young.  National surveillance data of high school students indicate that 28% have had an alcoholic drink before age 13 and 7% of 8th graders have already smoked marijuana. Unfortunately use of marijuana is rising steadily among teenagers. Teens who begin drinking and marijuana use at a

About the Flu (2014)

8th Oct 2014

  What is the flu?     “Flu” describes multiple strains of influenza virus that can cause severe upper-respiratory infections. Flu is very different from a cold. It is a much more severe illness, characterized by high fever, runny nose, extreme fatigue, sore throat, nausea, hacking cough, headache and muscle aches. It has a high risk of complications, including ear infection, pneumonia, dehydration, and even death. Influenza causes about 30,000 deaths per year in the United

Hyde Park Pediatrics, partners with Psychological Care Associates

2nd Oct 2014

Hyde Park Pediatrics is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Psychological Care Associates to provide psychological services within our office, alongside and in collaboration with our pediatric providers. Child psychologists Dr. Iris Miller and Dr. Joanna Weinberg provide consultation, education, treatment and referral guidance for children and families, together and in coordination with your Hyde Park Pediatrician.

Fall is here

26th Sep 2014

The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler, and the crickets are chirping: late summer has arrived. Hyde Park Pediatrics recommends that you begin to think about a healthy return to the school year.

Plan now for healthy school lunches.

Ticks Are Everywhere!

18th May 2014

Children should be checked for ticks each night before bed if they have spent time outdoors. Look everywhere–ticks love warm dark places like skin folds and the scalp. The nymphal deer tick can be as small as a millimeter in size! If you find a tick, remove it by grasping it firmly with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pulling straight out…

Be Prepared

17th May 2014

Families should maintain a well-stocked medicine cabinet in case an unexpected need arises. Hyde Park Pediatrics recommends that parents of young infants have available: A digital thermometer, KY jelly and isopropyl alcohol; infant acetaminophen; diaper ointment; pedialyte; saline nose drops, a bulb syringe for removing nasal mucous…

Healthy Baby Food Options

16th May 2014

What are the healthiest options for your baby’s first solid foods? THRIVING, Children’s Hospital’s on-line magazine recently published an article by Dr. Sax about the best options for an infant’s first foods. Dr. Sax explains the importance of introducing REAL, not processed foods to infants. Read her article, FIRST FOODS.